Hi, I'm Paul. 

I am a still life product and food photographer, a creator and observer who specializes in bold imagery. An admirer of texture, shadows, vibrant color and shapes. I love simplicity with a dash of complexity. 

Understanding a client's vision is at the heart of what I do. I thrive on the challenge of translating their ideas into captivating visuals. Every project is a unique opportunity to navigate the balance between precision and spontaneity, ensuring the final product not only meets but exceeds expectations.

In addition to shooting products and food, I enjoy photographing the people that create the dishes and the makers that bring their products to life. A portrait to showcase emotion, or a dramatic lit face to evoke the spirit of being human.

As both a photographer and editorial art director for over fourteen years I have helped create, shape and mold hundreds of visual stories. 

I offer services to creative agencies, brands and editorial outlets.

Allow me to help you with a bold visual approach.

WHERE AM I BASED? I am based In the Southeast, Greenville South Carolina to be exact, a few hours northeast of Atlanta , a small jump southwest of Charlotte and a short ride through the gorge southeast of Knoxville, always available for travel.

Favorite food: PB&J.
Guilty pleasure: Hall & Oates.
I’m a music nerd, live for date nights and enjoy being a kid again with my little girl.

For inquires please contact me here or at 864.752.8329.

I am also an editorial designer. You can find me here

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